Buenos Aires 1910: Memoria del Porvenir

tapaBA1910 530The book, catalog, bilingual (English and Spanish), contains a visual story based on 260 images and objects from 40 public and private archives. 100 of these objects were previously conserved and prepared for exhibition at the Conservation Laboratory of the Antorchas Foundation. These images are highlighted by the texts of 40 historians, architects, academics, officials and politicians. They show fragments of the daily life of our ancestors and the way they prepared themselves to live a future of unlimited progress. That future is our present. That anticipated city is where we live today. It's time to build the future of memory.

Gutman, Margarita (ed.) Buenos Aires 1910: Memoria del Porvenir, Buenos Aires: Government of the City of Buenos Aires Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design, University of Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA), International Institute for Environment and Development IIED-América Latina, 1999.

Margarita Gutman editora. IIED- América Latina, FADU-UBA, The Getty Research Institute. ISBN 950-99268-7-6

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