President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship

Launch of the             2015-2016             PNK Fellowship Call 


December, 2014 ∙ Buenos Aires, Argentina    

For 2015-2016 Call, the Fellowship has been expanded to Latin America and the Caribbean, awarding four fellowships.
Applications are recieved until May 25th, 2015.
Consultation period is open until May 24th

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President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship

Daniela Gomes Metello and Beatriz Córdova Aquino, successfully completed their stay in New York

March 4th, 2015 ∙ The New School, New York    

Both Fellows successfully completed their academic exchange at The New School in March of 2015. Daniela worked to deepen her research and work concerning the production and disposal of solid waste, and Beatriz on hers concerning the political participation of women in provincial and district elections in Peru.

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Latin America on the Move

Graduate Student & Alumni Conference on Latin America  

April 29th, 2015 ∙ Th Nee School, New York 

The conference aims to showcase exemplary graduate student and alumni work that responds to critical questions related to Latin America in order to inspire dialogue between students and alumni across The New School... 

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Welcome to OLA

Michael-A_48Welcoming remarks by Michael Cohen, Director of the Observatory on Latin America and the International Affairs Program of The New School.

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