President Néstor Kirchner Fellowship

Call 2014-2015 Selected Fellows and Honorable Mentions

August 13th, 2014 ∙ Buenos Aires, Argentina    

Three Fellows and five honorable mentions were announced at Casa Patria Grande, Buenos Aires. The winners, Juan Martín Graña (Argentina), Daniela Gomes Metello (Brazil) and Beatriz Pilar Córdova Aquino (Perú) will travel to The New School in New York where they will present their work and meet leading academics and public officials in their fields. Call 2015-2016 was launched at the event.

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Space of Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo

OLA celebrates the discovery of 114th Grandson of Plaza de Mayo

August 6th, 2014 · Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Observatory on Latin America is delighted to share the news of the discovery of the grandson of Estela de Carlotto, President of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, and a friend of The New School and the OLA. Estela was a member of the Advisory Group of the Observatory on Latin America. She has been a source of inspiration to many people for more than 30 years.The search for other missing children continues.

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Design and Development

Making Cities³: Third International Symposium

September 21-24th, 2014 ∙ The New School, New York               

The third international symposium, hosted by The New School, aims to explore three central themes: innovation, incubation and inclusion, in order to better understand the complex dynamics of the maker economy within cities and the areas of convergence between design and the social sciences.The four-day event will include a field visit, a formal conference, a student and faculty workshop, a Deans panel, concluding with an internal working meeting.

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Welcome to OLA

Michael-A_48Welcoming remarks by Michael Cohen, Director of the Observatory on Latin America and the International Affairs Program of The New School.

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